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Monday, January 9, 2012

Should you use the 1 quart camp oven on the stovetop?

I used to think that you couldn't use a camp oven that has legs on the stovetop at all.

Which, for an electric stove, is mostly true.

It's not impossible, as the pot will heat up, but it is an inefficient use of fuel.

But then I got a gas stove, and discovered that if you take off the burner grate, you can indeed use a camp oven on the stovetop.

So, I figured the Lodge one quart camp oven would not be an exception; I was going to use it tonight, for the first time.

First, due to the legs being so close together, balancing it on the burner without it tipping, was "iffy". You can see how the center of the burner is raised a little.

Second, the flame from the burner rose up the sides of the pot, which would have burned me if I wasn't careful.

So, while not impossible, I don't recommend it. I ended up transferring the broth to another pot.

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