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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Try this recipe for chicken or fish or pork chops

I've found that just about any recipe that's good for chicken, can also be good for pork chops or white fish.

The following easy recipe was meant for chicken, but I used it on deep sea dory fillets:

Rub in plain yellow mustard, add salt and pepper and garlic powder.

Lay out on a cast iron griddle or skillet. Into the oven at 350.

I sprayed it with olive oil Pam before putting in the oven, so it would stay moist.

You could also use dijon mustard*. It was great!

*I later tried this recipe with French's honey mustard, thinking it would be good. It wasn't as good as the regular mustard. I do plan to try it with dijon mustard as well, though.

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