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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The new Lodge guitar skillet

This is the new Lodge guitar skillet.

Actually, it's not "new". It was sold at Cracker Barrel for a while, engraved with Alan Jackson's autograph.

That skillet is no longer being sold, but this one is.

It's a novelty item, basically.

I don't have one, no plans to get one, although it might make a nice gift.

It's not very big, so you can't cook much in it, but you can make a guitar shaped piece of cornbread, or serve hot desserts in it.

I just read that someone was so impressed, they bought 30 of them.

What on earth would you do with 30 guitar skillets? Give as gifts? Make 30 guitar shaped cupcakes?

Or perhaps make 30 seafood skillets. Those are cooked in wonder skillets.

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