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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lodge temporarily suspended the signature series and L series cookware

So I read today that Lodge has temporarily suspended production of it's signature series and L series cookware.

I didn't have any pieces from either series; They were their most expensive product lines.

They aren't permanently discontinued; Just for 2013.

The reason given, is that sales have been booming for their other products, such as the regular pre-seasoned cast iron, and the Lodge Color series. 

So, they want to focus on production of those products this year.

I never imagined the L series and signature series sold very well.  They were targeted for a different kind of people.

Cast iron is so much more than just cookware; It's a culture, a way of life.

Most people who enjoy cast iron cooking, aren't interested in  the "foo foo", elegant lifestyle... and the people who ARE into that lifestyle, aren't into rugged cast iron cooking!

But in any case, they're not discontinued forever.  Some pieces are still being sold while supplies last.  Otherwise, you'll have to wait until next year.

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