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Sunday, November 25, 2012

turkey sausage gumbo the lazy way

So what do you do, with your leftover turkey?  

For the record, I actually didn't make my turkey in cast iron this year, although I made the sides in cast iron.

I used a roaster oven.  That was very convenient, and left my oven free for other things!

I like the way the turkey turned out, very moist like I like it.

If you want crispy skin, then you do need to brown for 30 minutes in the regular oven.

But anyway, this post is about turkey sausage gumbo.

I was in HEB, which is a local grocery chain, and they were demonstrating this Cookwell and Company gumbo mix.

I liked the sample, so I got a couple of jars.

All you have to do is add your own meat, according to the instructions.

I used leftover turkey and some smoked sausage.

I also added a cup of chicken broth.

I'm letting it simmer in a crock pot now.  Although you can certainly simmer it in a cast iron pot if you want to!

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