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Saturday, April 2, 2011

omaha steak sirloin beef tips

So I got some sirloin beef tips from Omaha Steaks.

Since no recipe was included with these beef tips, I decided to wing it and make beef tips with rice and gravy.

The recipe was very similar to what I did with braised oxtail, as well as chuck roast cut into cubes.

In a 3 quart cast iron pot, I browned the beef tips in butter. Added salt, pepper and dried cilantro*.

*Fresh would have been better, but I only had dried.

Then poured in some beef broth and red wine, brought it to a boil, then reduced and simmered on low until the beef tips were done (about an hour).

Removed the beef tips, deglazed the pot, added wondra flour to thicken the liquid into a gravy*. Poured over the beef tips.

*I should have taken the time to refrigerate the liquid and remove the fat cap (before thickening into a gravy), as I had done with the oxtails. I skipped that step because I was short on time, but it caused the dish to be too "heavy" for me.

I made rice in some beef broth.

Similar to the oxtail recipe, but skipped a step or two.

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