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Friday, January 10, 2014

Click here to read my story, and contribute to my cause:

I had to leave my abusive, adulterous husband with nothing but what I could fit in a 5' by 8' box, and my car. 

Now I need to divorce him in order to be completely free of him.

The problem is, Legal Aid won't even talk to me until I've been out of the house for six months. Waiting six months runs the risk of him filing first, which would mean that he could force me to go back to Texas for court, as many times as he wants, for whatever reason he wants. Obviously, that would be an undue hardship for me, not to mention unsafe for me.

My estranged husband makes about 10 times the amount of money I make, so he clearly has the upper hand in this. 

Thankfully, my lawyer is being very gracious in working with me on the fees, but it still isn't cheap, and I still have to pay the court costs. So, I'm setting up this page. 

Please do NOT feel like you have to donate anything; You are just as much my friend if you contribute as if you don't. And please do not feel obligated to any amount; Five dollars would be just as appreciated as five million. 

It's awful that he's the one who cheated, and I'm the one who has to pay, but, it is what it is; There is no law that requires an abusive, adulterous spouse to contribute one cent to the victim's legal fees.

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