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Saturday, June 8, 2013

New use for the Lodge Ash Tray

This is not my photo.  I found it on the internet.

Someone evidently found a new use for the Lodge Ash Tray.

And yes, I said ash tray.  That's exactly what it is!

They changed it to "spoon rest" to be more politically correct, but actually, it does not fit a normal sized cooking spoon.

Although it would fit a table spoon.

Mine just sits on my stove, unused, for decoration.

This lady found some quail eggs, and decided to fry one in the ash tray.

Quail eggs are tiny.  A chicken egg is slightly too big to fry in this, I would think.

So, if you ever happen to obtain quail eggs, you can fry them in the Lodge ash tray!

Or just use the 5 inch skillet.  Then you can fit two of them.

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