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Friday, June 21, 2013

I am so done with MySpace.

Like many other people, years ago I was very active on the social networking site called myspace.

Like many other people, I used it to communicate with my friends and family, and try to reconnect with friends from high school and college.

And like many other people, I used the blog feature, to write about things I was currently dealing with.

Well, in case you haven't heard, myspace decided to delete everyone's blogs and messages on a whim, with no prior notice whatsoever.

That means, if you used to have a blog on myspace, it's gone.  If you used to correspond with friends and family on myspace, those messages are gone.

Now, granted, I haven't used myspace in years; Nevertheless, I would have appreciated the opportunity to backup my old blog writings, before they were deleted. 

Wouldn't you?

These are peoples' personal writings, that are irreplaceable!

Myspace has offered NO apology whatsoever.  Not for deleting our writings, nor for failing to notify us so we could back them up. 

And, no, a blanket "We know some will be upset by this, BUT..." statement, is NOT an apology!

Further, myspace is adamantly refusing to comment, or respond to our feedback.  

They are deleting our comments from their Facebook page.

They are hoping we will shut our mouths and "just get used to it".

This shows complete disregard, and utter disrespect for their userbase. 

That is the childish, coward way to do business!

Admitting to a grave mistake, and taking steps to make it right, is the professional, responsible adult way to do business.

We'll see what happens eventually, whether they choose to continue being cowards, or choose to grow up and be adults.

Regardless, I am completely done with myspace.  

If this issue matters to you, I encourage you to contact their sponsors, Bud Light and the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and explain to them why you will not support their product.

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  1. Oh, now they've changed their public statement to "We know this sort of change can be difficult, BUT." Isn't that cute!