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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cooking beans in a bean pot

Pictured above is a Lodge 6 quart flat bottomed straight kettle, which took me two years to find.

It's also known as a "bean pot"; Due to it's shape, which is taller and more narrow than a regular pot, it's more fuel efficient for foods that require long cooking times.

If you don't have one, don't worry; You can cook beans in any pot!

This was my first time cooking dried beans on the stovetop; I usually use a crock pot.

I read somewhere that you can't beat beans cooked over an open fire.

Well, this wasn't an open fire, it was a gas stove.  But I have to admit, these beans were VERY good!

I just cooked them; I didn't add any seasoning or flavoring.  Perhaps I should have, but they were still good!

They were pinto beans.

I soaked them overnight in water, drained, put them in the pot with enough water to cover them.

Brought to a boil, then reduced to medium heat and left them on the stove until done.

I noticed that I did not have to add water while cooking, like I usually do when cooking beans in a crock pot.

I had so many of them that I ended up making baked beans.

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