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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the new Lodge mini cocotte set

This is the new Lodge enameled mini cocotte set.

They are both the same size, even though the picture makes one look bigger than the other.

They are very small pots, at 10 ounces each.  

They're meant for single serving hot desserts or soups.

Personally, I would use them for french onion soup, if it were bigger.  

I like larger portions, myself.  These pots are just over 1 cup in volume.

They come in black or red, and in round or oval.

They're cute and I'm sure they're useful, just more expensive than I'd want to pay, at $49.95 a set.


  1. These are nice, but like you say, 10 oz is very small. I use the Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned 1-Pint Country Kettle ($13.99 on Amazon Prime) and the Lodge Logic L5MIC3 Miniature Lid ($10 on Amazon Prime) for this purpose. They're essentially at the same price but bigger (1 pint), look very cute with legs & bail, and are also round-bottomed, so they're a little easier to clean.

  2. I just saw your earlier posting about the little kettles and how they might be hard to heat in the oven because of their legs. I put them on a cookie sheet.

  3. That's a good idea about the cookie sheet!