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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick and easy french onion soup

French onion soup is best cooked in cast iron.

Today I cooked a quick and easy version, since I had Campbell's french onion soup already.

Finally, a use for my 1 quart pot! (I like a lot of french onion soup).

Put the can of soup in a small cast iron pot, along with a slice of french bread or artesian bread*.

*Plain sliced bread will work, but better quality bread is, well, better.

Top with provolone or mozzarella cheese; I also like to add parmesan cheese.

Into the oven at 400, OR place under the broiler*, until the cheese is melted.

*Don't forget to move the top rack to its highest setting before using the broiler.

I haven't made french onion soup from scratch yet.

To make the base from scratch, slice some onions, then heat butter in a cast iron skillet to foaming.

Add onions* and cook until they caramelize.

*Some recipes call for adding sugar and flour to the onions.

While you're cooking the onions, have some beef stock simmering on medium heat.

Add the caramelized onions to the stock and continue simmering.

Then when it's done, proceed with adding bread and cheese and finishing in the oven.

You can find some tips here and here.

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