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Monday, September 3, 2012

Can you put a potjie pot in a volcano?

I don't have a potjie pot, so I wouldn't have been able to tell you if you could use a potjie pot in a volcano or not.

But I am on the yahoo group volcanostoveusersofaustralia, and someone posted the above photo, indicating that yes, you can!

The pot is a Best Duty brand, #3 flat bottomed potjie.  

#3 refers to its size.  A #2 potjie would also work, but it doesn't look like a #4 or larger would.

The pot is sitting on the center grill, with the coals on the bottom.

Remember, if you are using a pot with legs*, then you need to put the coals ON the center plate; Otherwise, it will not get hot enough.

*I'm not sure if a potjie with legs would work on a volcano or not.  I've only used American style camp ovens.

Would I ever get a potjie?  Possibly, but I have enough American style camp ovens that I don't need one.

Now, I realize that I have quite a few readers in Australia, so if any of you can tell me a specific benefit to using a potjie over a camp oven, please do.

According to potjiepotusa, the main difference is that a potjie has longer legs and can stand directly in the firepit.  

Whereas an American camp oven has shorter legs and must be hung over a fire with a tripod.

So I guess the real determiner is whether or not you plan on cooking over an open fire, and want the convenience of not having to use a tripod.

I don't have a firepit, as there is a "burn ban" where I live.  I just use coals on my concrete table.

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