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Thursday, May 3, 2012

An unusual way to reheat your pizza

This photo was not taken by me, although it sure does look like my kitchen!

This was posted to the Lodge facebook page by Daniel E. Johnson, who has a most unusual way to reheat his leftover pizza.

He doesn't use the microwave; he doesn't even HAVE a microwave.  (And frankly, I rarely use mine, except for popcorn and hot water).

What he does, is invert the lid of his Lodge cast iron pot, on his gas stove burner.  (You couldn't do this on an electric stove).

Be sure it's a lid that has the "basting spikes" to allow for air circulation, so it doesn't scorch.

He uses a VERY LOW flame.  I would personally recommend a diffuser, which is a small metal plate you put on gas stove burners for simmering purposes*.

*You know, I take that back.  A diffuser is usually flat, and the lid has a handle.  That won't work.  Sorry.

He then covers it with a glass lid so he can watch it, and it takes about 15 minutes.

Sometimes he sprays a little water around the edges as it's cooking, which causes a "steam" effect, and believe it or not helps the crust crisp up.

That was a bit of a surprise to me-- I wouldn't assume that moisture would help for a crisp crust, but I guess I'll have to try it to find out!

I'd like to try this, since I do have a Lodge lid with basting spikes-- but, I'm not sure I have a glass lid!

I'll have to go looking through my cabinets, or perhaps use my crock pot lid, if it will fit.

It's a neat idea that I'd try at least once.  

Alternatively, you can just do what I've usually done for the past 3 years, and reheat your pizza on your trusty Lodge griddle, in the oven at 250.  

Yes, it takes longer than a microwave, but very worth it.  I always reheat leftovers in the oven now.

He went on to say that last night, he tried drizzling a small amount of olive oil on the crust, about 5 minutes before it was done, and it added some flavor.

He wants to try it with a little garlic butter next time.


  1. We put a little olive oil at the bottom of our cast iron frying pans. Then heat them up to medium low to medium and put in the pizza. In no time, we've got pizza that's better the second day.