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Monday, May 28, 2012

Found a recipe for bacon gravy, suggested alternative

Today I found a recipe for "bacon gravy" which I would like to share.

The drawback, while I'm sure it's very tasty, is that it's made with bacon fat.  

And I can't eat bacon fat.  It makes me sick.  

When I use bacon, I take the fat off, or I use Hormel real bacon bits.

So first I'll tell you the recipe, then I'll suggest an alternative way to make bacon gravy.

Cut up some pieces of bacon.  Fry in a cast iron skillet until crisp.

Remove the bacon pieces.  Add some chopped onions to the bacon grease, and cook until browned.  Remove.

Take 1 tbsp of the bacon fat and put in another cast iron skillet.  Add 1 tbsp of flour.

The ratio is 1 tbsp of fat to 1 tbsp of flour, so if you want more, use equal portions of fat and flour.

For every tbsp of fat/flour, add 1 cup of milk.  Whisk into gravy.

Add the bacon pieces and chopped onions.  Bacon gravy!

Now, for people like me who can't eat bacon fat:

What I would do is make a basic gravy with 1 tbsp butter to 1 tbsp flour to 1 cup milk.

Or, 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup stock.

Add bouillon or beef base if you want to.

Add Hormel bacon bits and chopped cooked onions.  

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