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Thursday, December 8, 2011

what about frozen steaks under the broiler?

I had never cooked any steak under the broiler, let alone frozen steak.

As I said in my last post, I like my steaks grilled from a frozen solid state; it turns out good that way.

Besides, that saves the hassle of having to defrost them!

I wondered how frozen steaks would turn out, cooked under the broiler.

After all, a broiler is just an upside down grill, right?

Put the top rack closest to the top BEFORE you turn the broiler on.

Then broil the steaks, turn once, broil some more until done. That's it!

I used the Lodge 12 inch square grill pan, which doubles as a broiler pan.


  1. how do i cook a steak in a cast iron grill pan without an oven? cause all i have search so far in the internet is searing the steak in cast iron then finishing it inside an oven. thanks

  2. That's the ideal way to do it but if you want to just grill on the stovetop without the oven that will work if you like your steak medium rare.

    For bratwurst and chicken you definitely have to finish off in the oven because food doesn't cook all the way through when just grilled on the stove.

    Eventually it will but it'll be all charred on the outside and very dry.

    So, medium rare steaks, yes you can just grill on the stovetop.