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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

grilling fish on a plank?

Last night I tried grilling fish on a plank for the first time.

In fact, "on a plank" is a very popular method of cooking fish.

But, as the plank was made of wood, it caught on fire, and it wasn't really cooking the fish anyway.

So I put out the fire and finished the fish on the grill.

But what did I do wrong? I soaked it in water beforehand like I was supposed to.

And the plank was cedar, which is the recommended wood for plank grilling.

The instructions said to soak it for 20 minutes, but that was nowhere near enough.

It was suggested to me, to soak it for 24 hours, then remove, dry, and brush with olive oil.

So I'll try that next time.

You can also soak it in wine, juice, or beer instead of water.


  1. I wouldn't dry it, or put olive oil on it. The olive oil will burn.Cook on it damp. It will smoke, and it may smolder, but thats part of the taste. Good luck. We did Salmon that way all the time at the last restaurant I worked in.Two Pines, in Shady Cove, OR.

  2. Thanks for the tip, this is all new to me.