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Sunday, October 9, 2011

seriously, hot dogs boiled in coca cola?

I saw a picture on facebook of someone boiling hot dogs in coca cola, in a cast iron pot.

And I thought, seriously, hot dogs boiled in coke? Nevertheless, I had to try it.

But I was sacrilegious... I used a stainless steel pot instead of cast iron. Why?

Because it leaves a very sticky substance on your pot.

And I didn't feel like scrubbing sugary, sticky stuff off my cast iron today.

Besides, boiling in cast iron has no effect on the food flavor, as frying or roasting does.

You simply boil the hot dogs until the coca cola has evaporated.

I stopped when there was about 1/3 of it left, but it could have kept going.

They tasted like, well, hot dogs. That were boiled in coca cola.

After letting them sit for a while in the thickened coca cola, I tried another one and it had a sweet flavor.

You can cut the hot dogs in pieces, and cut slits on each end, before boiling. It lets the flavor seep in.

I bet ribs would be good roasted in coca cola.


  1. Made with Love Oregon makes a B.B.Q. sauce from reduced Root Beer, at is very good.
    I would be afraid to put cola in my D.O.s, I suggest using cola to my students, to remove RUST.

  2. I actually do use coca cola to remove rust from my cast iron!