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Thursday, August 25, 2011

that fool ebay seller!

I scout ebay listings daily, for Lodge brand cast iron cookware, in hopes of finding a good deal on discontinued models.

And there's this one fool seller, who persistently lists Old Mountain brand cookware, with Lodge in the title.

I have personally contacted this seller; He stated that he purposely puts Lodge in the title, so it will come up in more searches.

That's a practice called "keyword spamming", and it violates ebay rules.

It's also copyright infringement, since Lodge is a registered trademark, and is illegal.

Of course I know better, but an unsuspecting customer could be misled to think he is buying a Lodge product.

I have made numerous reports to ebay, yet nothing has been done, despite their written policy.

So, I am posting this article, advising my readers not to buy anything from ebay seller linxwiler123.

If you search on ebay for Lodge cast iron, enter the keywords "lodge cast -mountain".

That search will list the actual Lodge products, and omit the listings from this seller.

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  1. Good for you, you go! I think you do a good job informing us on producks, and now this thank you..Ron