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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grilling fish on the Lodge sportsman's grill

You can grill fish and veggies on this, because the spaces are more narrow than on a conventional grill.

I used it tonight to grill some orange roughy fillets, which I'd never made before.

I was told years ago that "it's great on the grill", so I decided to try it.

You can use a wide variety of seasonings on orange roughy, such as oregano or cajun seasoning. I used lemon pepper, then sprayed on olive oil.

You need a large spatula for grilling fish; Tongs and forks don't work well.

I have to say, orange roughy fillets really are great on the grill!

I also grilled a couple of ears of corn.

That's best done with the corn brushed with olive oil and wrapped in aluminum foil, although some grill it "in the husk".

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