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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can crescent rolls be baked in a vienna bread pan?

This is a vienna bread pan.

Vienna bread pans are used for making... vienna bread!

I wondered if I could make crescent rolls (you know, the kind that come in a can) in the vienna bread pan.

Why? Can't you just use a cookie sheet?

Well, yes, but the vienna bread pan is specially shaped for making vienna rolls, which are very similar to crescent rolls.

The shape allows for better air circulation, than just laying them flat on a cookie sheet.

So I tried it tonight, and was happy with the results. They were rounded on the bottom instead of flat, and didn't overcook on the bottom.

Granted, the rolls were straight instead of curved, but who cares?

I've never actually made vienna bread. One day I will, I promise.

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