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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Lodge 10 inch deep camp oven

This is the Lodge 10 inch deep camp oven. It's 5 quarts, model L10DCO3.

It's not in any Lodge catalog, even though it's in production. It's only sold in a select few places.

I saw them at a Bass Pro Shop in Destin, Florida, but not at one in Alabama.

Sportsman's Warehouse reportedly sells them in their stores, but not via their online website.

I found a website that carries them, as of 11/10/2010.

You can also order them from the Lodge outlet store in Commerce, GA at 706-335-4875.

A consumer reported that he called Lodge to ask about this product, and got the runaround.

Apparently it's due to "contractual agreements with Japan", whatever that means.

I researched and found that the Japanese International Dutch Oven Society specifically requested these camp ovens, and paid for the setup and retooling.

In other words, they were made specifically to be sold in Japan.

I'm not sure I want one enough to justify trying to get one, but it appears to be quite handy.

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