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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Salmon prepared differently this time.

Salmon is very easy.

I normally season it with lemon pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and sometimes sage. Then spray with olive oil or butter flavored Pam.

This time I seasoned it with lemon pepper, dried dill, and white wine.

Into the oven at 350.

I got the seasoning idea from Cast Iron Cuisine: From Breakfast to Dessert.

That recipe calls for salmon seasoned as above, but poached in a skillet over cut vegetables.

Since I still have some salmon, I'm going to try the full recipe soon. Tonight I was short on time, so I just used the seasonings.

I actually liked it better than my usual way.

Salmon isn't my favorite thing, but it's very easy, and my counterpart loves it.

Here's a couple of things you can do with leftover salmon:

Put the salmon in a blender with cream cheese. Worcestershire sauce or liquid smoke is optional. Blend. Great on crackers or apples.


Mix the salmon with pesto, grape tomatoes, chopped celery, and olive oil. Great on pitas or french bread.


Salmon burgers. See my article, "much better way to make salmon burgers".

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