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Monday, September 27, 2010

My first experience using the broiler

The broiler setting on your oven is a very useful tool, available for practically free, that most of us forget about.

I had never used the broiler before today.

Be sure you move the oven rack to the highest setting, BEFORE you turn it on.

Here's a simple lunch recipe you can make, using the broiler:

Turn on the broiler by setting all oven's dials to BROIL.

Spread english muffins with olive oil mayonnaise.

I hate mayonnaise, but the kind with olive oil is good, and better for you.

Add thinly sliced ham, sliced tomato, and swiss cheese.

Place on a cast iron grill pan, and into the oven on the high rack.

You did remember to move the rack to the highest setting before you turned it on?

Broil for 5 to 10 minutes, until it's done.

I like using the broiler. I'll be using it again!

Some people leave the oven cracked open while broiling. I didn't this time, but I did check for doneness every minute or so.


  1. Read your oven's instructions carefully before broiling with the oven door open. Some ovens are made to be used this way, but not all, as a visitor to our ranch found out to his embarrassment. He left the oven door open while broiling his lamb chops, only to find, in his words, that "the flame just came whooshing out!" The heat melted the plastic knobs to our GE Profile range's cooktop. Oops!

  2. Good advice! I don't have my oven's instructions... it's a rental. Good thing to keep in mind. This turned out fine with the oven door closed though.