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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Medallions of Venison, that wasn't venison

The following recipe is modified from "Cast Iron Cuisine: From Breakfast to Dessert."

The recipe is Medallions of Venison, and is made from venison backstrap.

But there was one small problem: I don't have any venison backstrap.

So I cut some pieces from a boneless leg of lamb, and used that for the recipe.

Coat the pieces of meat in all purpose flour seasoned with black pepper.

Heat butter in a cast iron skillet. Pan fry the flour coated meat in the butter. Remove to a plate.

Add some sliced onions to the pan and saute until done. Remove to a plate.

Deglaze the skillet with red wine and some beef stock. Let the liquid cook on the stove until it reduces. Add Wondra flour to thicken.

Then pour the sauce over the meat and onions.

If this had actually been venison, it would have been very good venison.

But it was lamb, so I guess that makes it Medallions of Lamb instead of venison.

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