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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Martha White cornbread skillets

These are Martha White cornbread skillets.

They were made by Lodge for a time, as a promotional item.

Every year, Martha White and Lodge host a National Cornbread Festival cook-off.

Everyone is encouraged to submit their original recipe, which must be made using Martha White cornbread mix, and Lodge cast iron cookware.

The grand prize is $5000 plus a stainless steel gas range. I'd take the Martha White cornbread skillet as a consolation prize, myself.

You can see this year's winning recipes here, and last year's here.

If you don't have one of these skillets, you can still make cornbread with a plain Lodge skillet. The Martha White label is optional.

I haven't tried making scratch cornbread yet.

Apparently Martha White sells a self rising cornmeal mix; It's cornmeal specially formulated for making good cornbread. It contains baking powder, salt, and a little flour.

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  1. I've got one that belonged to my grandma I'm wondering how old they are