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Friday, September 24, 2010

If your new cast iron is not pre-seasoned

If you buy new cast iron that's not pre-seasoned, it will have a wax coating that needs to come off before you can season it.

The first time I bought this kind of pot, I thought I had been sold a pot that someone used and returned, without cleaning it.

The easiest way to get it off, is to burn it off. Otherwise, you'll be scrubbing for a long time.

You could do it in your oven, but it will smoke up the house. I do it on my BBQ grill outside.

Just let it heat up. Soon it will start to smoke; That means the wax is burning off.

When it's finished smoking, the wax has all burned off and you can turn off the heat. Then let it cool.

Apparently the wax is food grade, so if it doesn't all come off, it won't hurt you.

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