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Monday, September 13, 2010

I don't like alligator, but here's how I made it

I've tried alligator 3 times in my life, and each time, I did not like it.

But I have cooked it before, and for the sake of those who might like it, here's the recipe:

Marinate the alligator pieces in soy sauce, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder.

Grill on the stovetop in a cast iron grill pan.

Finish off in the oven at 300, so they'll cook all the way through without charring.

The way I made it would be good if you like alligator, but it's too greasy for me.

This same recipe can be used on frog legs or chicken.


  1. Isn't that somewhat like the French recipe for rabbit ("First, catch the rabbit")?

  2. You mean, "first you have to like alligator"?

    Yeah, if you like alligator then you'll like the above recipe...

    It's unusual for alligator, rabbit, duck and quail to be sold in a supermarket, but here in cajun country, we have it in our freezer section.

  3. Naah, I'm thinkin' of the poor fella who has to go out and catch the durn thing . . .

  4. There's some Bayou folk that like to hunt alligator, but there are also alligator farms, that raise alligators and butcher them to sell.

  5. Same thing with fish, I guess. Around here they like to catch 'em wild (tastes better, actually), but I hear there's places back east where they actually "farm" 'em (and then add coloring).

    Maybe wild alligators taste better?

  6. I know some people who won't touch farm raised fish... they do sell it in the grocery store, but fish is so plentiful around here, most prefer wild caught.

    Good point.