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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

bacon gravy

I saw a recipe online for bacon gravy, and one day I'm going to make real bacon gravy.

Although the other day, I made bacon gravy out of a mix.

Yeah, I know.  That's cheating.

I used J&D's Bacon Gravy country style mix packet and followed the directions.

Anyway, the recipe I found for real bacon gravy, is pretty much the same as for classic southern sausage gravy.

Except instead of sausage, you use bacon grease for the grease, and little bacon pieces.

2 tbsp bacon grease, 2 tbsp flour, 2 cups milk.

Heat up the bacon grease, whisk in the flour, add the milk.

Then add tiny bacon pieces and mix in.

It's the same as for breakfast sausage gravy.

Serve over biscuits.

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  1. Although I've never tried J&D's Bacon Gravy country style mix, I grew up eating bacon gravy that my grandmother made just about every weekend. Right after I was married, I asked my wife to ask my grandmother how she made the bacon gravy. She did and 30 years later I'm still getting to enjoy the best bacon gravy I've ever had. No, we don't have it every weekend but when she makes it there isn't any left over and it always brings back good memories.