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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Lodge five piece cookware set

This is the Lodge 5 piece cookware set, which I've never blogged about.  

I never had reason to.

I never did buy the set, but I have everything in it.

What prompted me to post this was, someone posted to the Lodge facebook page, that they had this set, and would like to sell it.

"What?  The Lodge facebook page?  I thought you were banned from that page!"

Well yes I am.  

But you see, not only am I a cast iron expert, I'm also very computer savvy.  

As a result, I can, and will, continue to assist people with their questions about cast iron, whether the Lodge PR manager likes me or not.  This isn't a popularity contest.

Anyway, this person wants to sell their set for $165.  Which is astronomical!

This set sells for $74.99 at Target.

While cast iron does improve with use, the market value of very common items doesn't necessarily go up.

Special pieces that are no longer made, are sought after by collectors.  

But even an old 8 inch Lodge skillet would not sell for much, since new ones are a dime a dozen.

Anyway, I politely advised this person to check online for the going rate of this cast iron set, to get a good idea for what someone would be willing to pay.

A smart shopper, anyway.  Someone who doesn't know any better might think it's "vintage".  But, it's not.

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