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Sunday, May 19, 2013

I knew the Lodge facebook page would ban me again, eventually

When Lodge unjustifiably banned me from their facebook page back in November, I went public with it, posting about it not only on my blog, but on several cast iron forums.

As a result, Lodge backpedaled, claimed it was "only a temporary ban" and that they would be "more than happy" to reinstate me.  

But I knew it was just a cover up, due to my speaking out about it.  And I knew it was only a matter of time, before they would come up with a reason to ban me again.

The reason this time was, two customers had uploaded photos of very old Lodge skillets, and they wanted to know the monetary value (possibly for auctioning purposes).

Lodge does not tell their customers what their old skillets are worth, and I'm no expert at appraising skillets either.  

But, the Wagner and Griswold Society has several "old cast iron" experts, who are usually very good at pinpointing an approximate resale value.

So, I referred those two people to the WAGS forum website for help.

And, this is what I was told:

"Referring Lodge customers inquiring about the history of the Lodge brand to the Wagner-Griswold chatroom.  Although members of WAGS are knowledgeable of the Lodge brand, they are not representatives of Lodge Manufacturing and do not have complete knowledge of our history and products, copies of old Lodge product catalogs (for reference purposes) or maintain communications with members of the Lodge family who have in-depth knowledge and familiarity of our brand."

Actually, that is false; the Wagner and Griswold society has a very extensive section dedicated to Lodge, complete with old Lodge catalogs (visible to members only).

If anybody would be able to answer a question about Lodge products, new or old, it would be somebody on that forum.

When I posted to the WAGS forum about being banned the first time, several members were quick to defend Lodge, and chastise me for speaking out about such a great company.

I wonder how they would feel to know what Lodge REALLY thinks of them.

The fact is, Lodge's public relations manager, who runs their facebook page, has disliked me for a very long time.  

I first got that vibe two years ago, after I posted some suggestions on creative things to do with a Lodge cornstick pan; He accused me of attempting to initiate a marketing campaign that I was not authorized to do. 

He does not like the fact that I know as much as I do about Lodge products, and can give very detailed answers to most customers' questions.

After all, that's supposed to be HIS job, and the company might deduce that there's no need to pay HIM, to do what I've been doing for free.

Especially when some answers he gives are wrong, such as when he suggests olive oil as an acceptable seasoning agent.

Obviously, he'd rather his customers have no information, or WRONG information, than compromise his pride.

I will probably get grief for posting this article.  However, this is NOT an "advertising blog"; I post things exactly as they are.

Honestly, I have nothing against Lodge products, and I have no clue what their public relations manager has personally against me.  

I never did anything to him, except possibly know more than he cares to, about the product he's being paid to know and represent.


  1. Turtle, I got your comment on my blog. I am so sorry they did this to you again. Someone over there needs to put on their big boy panties. I did make a post.

  2. Well, thankfully I have all the cast iron I need, and will never give Lodge another dime. If I do need some, there's always secondhand on ebay.