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Thursday, February 7, 2013

boiled eggs

So why am I writing an article about boiling eggs?  Everybody knows how to do that, right?

Well, sort of.  See, I so seldom boil eggs, that I forget the right way to do it.

And part of the reason I keep this blog, is so I can type my recipes and cooking tips, so I'll remember them!

This morning, I boiled the water first and dropped the eggs in to boil.  Much to my dismay, they cracked!

So I was told by friends that I did it backwards.  You put the eggs in the cold water, and THEN boil them.

Thankfully they were going to be used in chicken salad and chopped up anyway, so it was OK that they cracked.

Personally, I prefer my eggs medium boiled.  (Not hard, not soft).

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