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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dakota Buckaroo marinated ribs

Have you ever tried Dakota Buckaroo marinating sauce?

It's an all purpose marinating sauce, for chicken, beef, or pork.

I wanted to try it on baby back ribs, so I marinated them in this sauce before slow roasting in the oven at 250, in a covered cast iron pot.

After they were done, I removed the ribs, and "reduced" the liquid in the pot, by heating it on the stove uncovered, and adding Wondra flour to thicken. 

Then I poured this thickened sauce over the ribs.

It was good on the ribs, for sure.  However it was not "sweet" flavored, like I'm used to.  It's "zesty".

So I also warmed up some bottled barbecue sauce, and added that too.

I still have some of the marinade left; Maybe I'll try it on burgers.

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