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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can you cook a turkey in a volcano stove?

Someone posed the question on a yahoo discussion group:

Can you cook a turkey in a volcano stove?

The company says yes, but... 

When I cooked a turkey in a camp oven, I used a Lodge 14 inch deep camp oven.  

And I still had to remove the breastbone, so it would fit.  

You can't use a 14 inch camp oven in a volcano.  It only fits camp ovens up to 12 inches.

The turkey I roasted was medium size, 14 pounds.

A smaller turkey MIGHT fit in a 12 inch deep camp oven, and you'll definitely have to remove the breastbone.

So unless you can get a turkey small enough to fit in a 12 inch deep camp oven, my answer would be no.


  1. A 14" oven will set on top of a volcano. you will have to use a few more coals in it but it will work. Also you can butterfly the turkey, to make it fit. Cut down both sides of the back bone and open out the bird. My answer is yes. I use a Maca 12x16 and roast a 20 pound bird in 2 to 3 hours, ever year. See gobble till you wobble, on my blog, last year.

  2. Did you fit the Maca in the volcano? I figured setting the 14 inch on top of the volcano would be defeating the purpose, might as well put the coals on the ground. Unless you're basically using it as a "coal table".