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Saturday, July 14, 2012

"shake and bake" chicken cordon bleu

I recently made my first chicken cordon bleu.

The other night I made it again, but differently.

This time I cut the chicken breasts in half before flattening them, as I realized I should have done last time.

Then, instead of stuffing them first, and then coating with parmesan bread crumbs, I shook the unstuffed breasts in shake and bake first.

I used classic chicken shake and bake.  Actually, the generic store brand version.

Then on top of the coated chicken, I put a slice of provolone cheese and a thin slice of black forest ham.

I think it needed more cheese, so I would most definitely add more cheese next time.  At least two or three slices instead of one.

And possibly add Brie cheese as well as provolone.  Brie is delicious too.

Into the oven at 350 until done.

I liked the "cut in half" chicken breasts better than the whole chicken breasts, as it gave a more even balance of chicken to ham/cheese.  

But, it still needed more cheese.  I like a lot of cheese.

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