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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't buy Rival brand crock pots anymore

I realize this is "ramblings on cast iron" and not "ramblings on crock pots", but I'm deviating for a moment.

I'm sorry I haven't kept up much with this blog lately.

I've gone back to school for computer science, which has cut into my "experimental cooking" time.

Anyway, I advise you NOT to buy Rival brand crock pots anymore, and here is why:

They changed their design in the last couple of years, and it's a flawed design.

Do a search for recent reviews on the Rival brand crock pot; there are numerous complaints due to this new faulty design.

I recently bought a 4 quart crock pot from wal mart, which I thought for sure was defective!

The lid was not seating properly on the pot, causing a quarter inch gap, in which moisture was escaping.

As a result, the food was overcooked and dry, both times I used it.

So I called Rival to report that I had a defective product, and to ask for a replacement.

They told me that their crock pots are purposely designed that way now!

They purposely design it so that the lid does NOT fit. It's supposed to wobble and have a quarter inch gap.


"Because customers were complaining that the food was being simmered, so we re-designed it to allow moisture to escape."

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. The whole purpose of a crock pot is to simmer!

The new design renders the crock pot useless as a slow cooker!

The concept of SLOW cooking is to trap the heat in, and allow the food to simmer on low, for several hours.

And the ONLY reason I ever use a crock pot, is if I'm not going to be home to cook!

If I wanted to BAKE, I would use the OVEN and a cast iron pot!

I would encourage all of you, to buy a Hamilton Beach brand slow cooker instead.

Their slow cookers are still designed to work as a slow cooker.

I've also read reviews that the Cuisinart brand slow cooker has a "simmer" setting. I don't have one.

I plan to forward this article to the Rival company as soon as I post it. If they reply, I'll let you know.

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