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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the "leftover batter" pan

This is allegedly a "griswold leftover batter pan."

I say "allegedly", because Griswold never made a leftover batter pan.

It's a fake. It's a made in China, 3 mold cornstick pan.

If you see this pan listed anywhere, don't buy it.

However, there is an alternative on the market, that you can use.

Lodge makes a 5 mold cornstick pan, that I find is great for using leftover batter.

I was torn for a long time, as to whether or not to get that pan-- after all, I already had a 7 mold and a 9 mold.

But, I'm a cast iron fiend, so one day I broke down and got it. And, it's a great leftover batter pan!

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