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Thursday, September 8, 2011

electric option for the volcano stove?

This is a volcano stove. It can be used with wood, propane, or charcoal.

I recently heard a rumor that the company was considering adding an electric option as well.

The company did inform me, that rumor is not true.

But it started me thinking: Would an electric option be a good idea?

For starters, the volcano is meant to be an "emergency preparedness" stove, for use when there's no electricity.

So, if there's no electricity available, how on earth would you use an electric burner?

Besides that, I do think it would be a neat "bell and whistle" option.

I would probably get one, just "because I can."

I have an electric outlet on my back porch, so it might be useful for summertime outdoor cooking.

This stove is also used for camping and tailgating, where electricity is not readily available.

The only way this idea would not flop, is to have the means to plug it into a vehicle, as well as a 120v receptacle.

That way, campers could plug it into their car, if they don't have a power inverter or generator.

But then, how many amps would it require, to generate the amount of heat needed to cook?

Would you need a "dedicated circuit"-- in other words, a receptacle not connected to any other wiring, so you don't pop a circuit breaker?

Yes, I'm a nerd and I ponder those things.

But for now, it's a moot point, because apparently there are no current plans for that-- for precisely the reasons I've mentioned.

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