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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Italian venison feast, that wasn't venison

This was my 3rd can cooker website recipe, modified.

The recipe was called "Italian Venison Feast", but I didn't have any venison, so I used beef brisket.

My one mistake was putting too much stuff in the pot; The liquid bubbled up and spilled over the side of the pot. Don't make the pot too full!

I used my 9 quart pot.

The ingredients were: Brisket cut into cubes, cut up red potatoes, baby carrots, quartered onions, minced garlic*, half ears of corn, a bottle of Italian dressing**, a can of beef broth, seasoned salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder.

*whole garlic cloves would have been fine too.

**I should have used less than a full bottle. It would have been just as flavorful, believe me.

The original recipe called for celery but I left that out. I prefer beef stew (which is basically what this is) without celery.

Marinate the meat overnight in some of the italian dressing.

Put the everything into pot, on the stove on medium heat.

I reduced to low when the liquid spilled over, but it still spilled over. The pot had too much stuff in it*.

*That's why I should have used less than a full bottle of dressing.

In this case, I can see how the "vented locking lid" of the can cooker would have been an advantage. I didn't have the spillover issue before. It still cooked good though.

At some point I added a couple of spoonfuls of "better than bouillon" beef base and let it dissolve.

The italian dressing gave it a wonderful flavor.

This was my first time using brisket in stew, and I was impressed. I usually get a roast and cut it up; I'll definitely be using brisket from now on.

It was even better the second day, since the liquid thickened in the fridge overnight.

It would have been good with added mushrooms.

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