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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pot measurement vs volume

This is the Texsport cast iron fryer.

I can't find much information about it, except for one bad customer review.

She stated that it arrived looking like it had been used.

I bet she was referring to the wax coating, found on all new cast iron that is not pre-seasoned.

Because at first, that's what I thought. My pot was covered with wax, and I didn't know it was supposed to be; I thought I'd been sent a used pot.

It's supposed to be 6 quarts, but I can't find any measurements* on this pan, anywhere.

*I wrote the company; They state the pan is 11 1/2 inches wide, 4 inches deep. That's about right.

After my last fiasco, you better believe I'm going to look for measurements from now on.

I asked two sellers on ebay; Both replied, "I don't know; I'm just selling it."

That irks me. You really shouldn't be selling stuff you know nothing about. I find another seller.

Anyway, a pot that is 12 inches in diameter, 5 inches tall is usually 7 quarts.

If it's 12 inches by 4 inches, 6 quarts; 12 inches by 3 inches, 5 quarts.

If it's 10 inches by 5 inches, it's 5 qts; 10 inches by 4 inches, 4 qts; 10 inches by 3 inches; 3 qts.

If it's 8 inches by 4 inches, it's 3 quarts; 8 inches by 3 inches, 2 quarts.

If it's 12 inches by 6 inches, it's 8 quarts. 13 inches by 5 inches, it's 9 quarts.

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