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Saturday, June 19, 2010

First recipe ever created by me

OK, so this blog is supposed to be about cast iron, and the first recipe ever created by me is NOT cooked in cast iron-- in fact, it's not "cooked" at all. But I decided to include it anyway!

It was created in the middle of the night when I was a college student. I basically threw together 3 ingredients that happened to be in the pantry, which turned out to be delicious, and I called it "the neat to eat snacktime treat."

Pour grape-nuts cereal in a bowl. Drizzle on some honey. Scoop some peanut butter out of the jar on a spoon. Stick the spoon, with the peanut butter, in the mixture. Eat.

If you REALLY want to make this a cast iron recipe, you can put the cereal and honey in a small cast iron skillet. Either way, it's delicious.

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